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The core of all Social Designs trainings & workshops is diversity and leadership. We assist individuals in their quest to improve their own leadership and diversity competencies. We work with organizations to improve overall competence, confidence, and sense of community. Each design is crafted to fit the client's specific needs. The trainings and workshops listed below are our most popular offerings. Connect with a Social Designs representative to schedule a complimentary consultation. Your growth is important to us!

Featured Training & Development Workshops

Building Effective & Equitable Coalitions Among Partners- In a continuously evolving economy, many individuals and organizations do their work in silos, which can be heavily detrimental to communities, organizations and intercultural communities. Participants will be able the key components in coalition building and create strategic plan of action.

Creative Leadership- The world of the arts broadens individuals' understanding of simple and broad topics. We use the arts to engage participants in social justice education.  There's a lot of potential to improve leadership growth by unlocking the power of creativity. 

Cross Cultural Communication -The way people connect globally is constantly increasing, so we must adapt quickly. Social Designs strives to anticipate these changes so you can focus more on developing partnerships of a lifetime. We help you build the skills to secure and maintain global partners. This workshop provides participants with tips, skills and strategies to successfully communicate on the job and beyond. Drawing on key principles of linguistics, this workshop adds vital new resources to your verbal and nonverbal repertoire.

Culturally Responsive Curriculum Design & Programming- We create dynamic developmental programs and curriculums for K-12 students, teachers, and administrators. Our expertise includes diversity, global education, and social justice. Does your staff need to be more culturally competent? Do you want to develop a global exchange curriculum that connects your students abroad? If so, this workshop is for you.

Cultural T.A.C (Tolerance.Acceptance.Celebration)- The workshop challenges participants to conceptualize how diversity is perceived and what diversity really is. Participants will learn the differences between Tolerating, Accepting, and Celebrating diverse cultures in a global context.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion 101-301- Equity & inclusion strategy is still a new frontier that requires innovation solutions. Our staff challenge clients to deeply understand the foundations of organizations as well as take a reflective assessment of personal understanding & blind spots, in order to develop sustainable action steps. 

Empower Me: Cultural Identity as a Tool for Change- This personal development workshop begins the journey of self-awareness and cultural pride. Participants experience an engaging workshop that explores personal stories, current realities, and future aspirations for social change.

Equity & Inclusion Master Class- Engage in a creative process developing inclusion strategy that can be embedded into the fabric of your organizational ethos.  Participants engage in honest dialogue about how bias permeates the fabric of organizational culture by utilizing the Social Designs Equity & Inclusion Guide. You will have a next steps blueprint and tools for starting difficult dialogue at your respective campus. Participants will learn about successful and creative equity and inclusion models. Participants learn to leverage leaders, staff, student leaders, and dedicated parents to improve leadership development processes, drive student-success, forge relationships, and ensure alignment between business and equity outcomes.

Holistic Facilitation- Our facilitators give you an holistic experience in all training in development. We believe in the power of the whole human being. Our effective model includes attention to all senses, multiple intelligences, and energy. It requires finesse, strategic structuring, and in many ways, empathy. We assist you in becoming a holistic facilitator, so your team or organization can tap into their optimal potential advantage. 

Implicit Bias Awareness in Hiring, Retention, & Growth Metrics- Learn how to apply key implicit bias awareness tools to the everyday hiring and retention practices of your organization. Participants also develop an equity lens of how to apply impicit bias training to growth metrics.

Inclusive & Solutions-Based Service-Learning- Creating solutions is hindered by over-anaylzing problems. We help you to develop creative solutions. Simplicity is the key. Solution Incubators are facilitated for organizations who are ready to roll up their sleeves. Solution Incubators are 4-8 hour conferences.

Social Determinants of Health 101-301- Learn how demographics and health are inextricably intertwined. You will development skills to increase your competentcy skills in analyzing the intersection of inequity and social determinants of health, and develop tools and models for creating short and long-term equity strategies.

Stregthening DEI in Your Organizational Culture (Mission, Vision, Ethos, Etc.)- Assessing your organizational mission and vision statements to inform your DEI (diversity, equity, & inclusion) statement and strategy is key. We teach participants how to honor the foundation of the organization while also becoming more inclusive in policy, protocol, and practice.

True Colors Leadership Assessment: Team-Building- Connecting across lines of difference can be a little chaotic. That's where we come in. We help you translate the chaos into a beautiful and upbeat jazz ensemble. Protecting all brands and standards are important when building coalition. The opportunity to draw connections that lead to greater impact is possible.  Whether it is working within team, across teams, or across organization, we help you get there. 

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