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Areas of Growth

We assist individuals in their quest to improve their own leadership and diversity competencies. We work with organizations to improve overall competence, confidence, and sense of community. Each design is crafted to fit the client's specific needs. The trainings and workshops listed below are our most popular offerings. Connect with a Social Designs representative to schedule a consultation. Your growth is important to us!


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Additional Trainings

True Colors Leadership Assessment: Team-Building- Connecting across lines of difference can be a little chaotic. Learn how to capitalize on the strengths of your team for greater impact.

Cross Cultural Communication & Empowerment - This workshop provides participants with tips, skills, and strategies to successfully communicate across lines of difference. Participants experience an engaging workshop that explores individual stories, collective narratives, current realities, and future aspirations for organizational change using the Social Designs 4 Cs Model and the Social Designs Culture Wheel.

Building Effective & Equitable Coalitions Among Partners- In a continuously evolving economy, many individuals and organizations do their work in silos, which can be heavily detrimental to communities, organizations and intercultural communities. Participants will be able to identify the key components in coalition building and create a strategic plan of action.


Implicit Bias Awareness in Hiring & Retention- Learn how to apply key implicit bias awareness tools to everyday hiring and retention practices of your organization.

Social Determinants of Health- Learn how to analyze the intersections of systemic inequity and social determinants of health.

Culturally Responsive Curriculum Design & Programming- We teach educators how to create dynamic developmental programs and curriculums for K-12 students in public, charter, and independent schools.

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