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Welcome to the Women of Excellence in Education Series. With her own unique style, each woman offers a special type of teaching, facilitation, and coaching approach to her participants. Be inspired by their passion for empowering thousands of people.  Connect with their stories and go forth in paying the inspiration forward, by sharing their stories on social media and within your networks. #WomenOfExcellence

Enjoy our Women of Excellence!

angela maxwell

Lead Facilitator, Aspire Training & Consulting Group, LLC


maia dery

Expert Artist



Dr. Dawn M. Nail

College Professor, NC Agricultural & Technical University


janeen bryant

Dialogue Facilitator


jodie stanley

Education & Outreach Coordinator, Human Relations Department  


Ivey ghee 

Consultant, HospitalityGhee



ebony williamson @ebonyeyes101

Career and Technical Education Business Teacher, Penn Griffin School of the Arts


christina yongue

College Professor, UNC- Greensboro

www.greensborohealth.org | cmyongue@uncg.edu


L. Niajallah Hendrix-WIlson

Executive Director, Indigo's Cultural Arts Centers

www.indigoscac.org |omoyemoja7@yahoo.com

jasmine wood @coachj_wood

Coach & Skill Development Trainer, Work in Progress

www.WorkInProgressBasketball.com | workinprogressbasketball@gmail.com


jada monica drew | @jdotdrew

Lead Consultant, Social Designs

www.socialdesignsconsulting.com |Jada@socialdesignsconsulting.com 

franca kaloko-jalloh

Executive Director, Jalloh's Upright Services

www.jus-nc.org |francajalloh@gmail.com